Artist in the Clocktower.

The twisting stairwell leads up to my studio with high ceilings there is gothic atmosphere complete with in-house spiders. It is a very relaxing place with shelves of books, music player in the corner, easel and worktable. The two clock face workings tick and whirr away, the one window looks out onto the sky and you could just about be anywhere in the world. Warm and balmy in the summer the winters are freezing so feel free to take pity on a cold starving artist during this season.........

Recently a family of magpies moved in under the eaves-returning year in year out. I previously disliked these birds but these days I amuse myself watching them squabble and have come to admire their intelligence, resourcefulness as well as their dedication to their family unit.

Sometimes they eye me up when their hopping around the roof near my window and I have come to realise as I watch them in my studio surrounded by my collection of bits and bobs that I am very much a magpie, ì collecting shiny items, old clocks, books, postcards etc.

So in honour of this the clocktower, the magpies and the books are now prominent in promotional material. They are also going to feature in my new large scale collage works called Stealing Time‚ where each collage will have a vintage piece of clock working and a couple of illustrated magpies

My Creative Inspiration "What is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?